Recover heavy scenes (or scenes you’ve fucked up scripting with)

Probably every user has at least fucked up Cinema once by overdoing what their system could handle. Also, scripters often run into infinite loops when writing Python or COFFEE tags. For my part, I often hit save before checking if my script works okay. But if it gets locked in an infinite loop then, the scene is lost! Everytime I’d open it, it’d go into an infinite loop again! But there is a cure 🙂

You can use the following script to load a Cinema 4D scenefile with every generator, deformer and expression disabled! Whether your scene is heave or you’ve messed up a scripting Tag, this allows you to recover your scene.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

3 thoughts on “Recover heavy scenes (or scenes you’ve fucked up scripting with)

  1. Incredible — any way you can also force C4D to turn off all displacements in the materials on scene load?

    A scene wide toggle would be even more amazing. We have heavy displacements on almost all of our characters and they can take forever to load up in scene.

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