TimeHide v1.1 Free Upgrade

Customers of the TimeHide plugin get a free upgrade to Version 1.1! Besides some minor behavior improvements, the often requested feature has been added to split the “Only show animated Tracks in Preview Range” option!

You can now choose a display mode for tracks:

  • Show all Tracks
  • Show only animated Tracks
  • Show only tracks which are animated within the Preview Range
The new UI of the TimeHide plugin (v1.1)
The new UI of the TimeHide plugin (v1.1)

The scripts, which can be bound to shortcuts, have also been updated and are now included in the downloadable ZIP file of the plugin. While the script to toggle the “Only Show Selected Elements” parameter did not change in its effect, the script which originally toggle the second parameter was updated. With each call, it cycles through the choices of the “Show Tracks” parameter.

“All Tracks” -> “Animated Tracks”  -> “Tracks within the Preview Range” -> “All Tracks”

Download the upgrade

Registered customers can look at their “My Account” site and download the new version of the plugin from there. The downloadable files are named timehide-v1.1-rXX-YY while XX stands for the oldest release of Cinema 4D the plugin works with and YY is the platform identifier (w, m or wm, for Windows and Mac respectively).

  • timehide-v1.1-r13-w.zip: For Windows, Cinema 4D R13 and newer
  • timehide-v1.1-r14-m.zip: For Mac, Cinema 4D R14 and newer

TimeHide v1.1 Upgrade from My Account

Customers that have no account at my website should get in direct contact with me.

Don’t have the plugin?

After buying, you will get immediate access to all versions of the plugin.

6 thoughts on “TimeHide v1.1 Free Upgrade

  1. Hi,

    Does TimeHide work in R15 (mac)?
    And wouldn’t it be nice to safe timeline selections (or states) as presets?

    Thanks, Andreas.

  2. I have a problem with TimeHide. when I try to drag something not animated in the timeline nothing appears. obviously with time hide option disabled.
    it’s also annoying because I cannot select any motion clip that I create

    I am on OSX. cinema R15

    is this a bug or something wrong I did with motion clips?


    • Hi Marco. What do you mean with “dragging something not animated in the timeline”? What I can confirm is that the complete Motion Clip Hierarchy is hidden which is of course a bug. I’ll try to get this fixed asap.


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