TimeHide v1.2 – Free Upgrade

The TimeHide plugin you’ve been so content with gets a free upgrade to version 1.2!  This update includes bug fixes, performance improvements, a new parameter, updated user scripts and Czech language support!

What was that again, ‘TimeHide’?

TimeHide is a workflow plugin that fixes Cinema 4D’s timeline behavior including several options to give you your best personal experience.

What’s new?

The "Only Show Animated Elements" parameter has been added, plus bug fixes in regards to the Motion Layer System and dragging of items into the Timeline
The “Only Show Animated Elements” parameter has been added, plus bug fixes in regards to the Motion Layer System and dragging of items into the Timeline.
  • The checkbox “Only Show Animated Elements” has been added. It behaves very similar to the “Only Show Selected Elements” checkbox but instead of hiding all elements that are not selected, it results in hiding all elements that are not animated. This fixes the bug, that, when dragging unanimated objects into the TimeLine, they were hidden nevertheless.
  • If the “Only Show Animated Elements” and “Only Show Selected Elements” options are turned on, the latter has the preference. This means, if an object is not animated is selected, it is displayed in the timeline nevertheless.
  • The Motion System Layers are now visible (previously hidden by the TimeHide plugin) and only hidden when not selected and the “Only Show Selected Elements” option is enabled.
  • Minor performance improvements
  • The user scripts (in the usr-scripts folder) have been updated, the toggle script now toggles both checkboxes at once.
  • Czech language added (thanks to Lubomir Bezek)

The version 1.2 is, like the previous versions, compatible with Cinema 4D R13 to R15 on Windows and R14 to R15 on Mac.

Where to get?

If you are a registered customer, simply visit your My Account page on this website and view your TimeHide order. You’ll be able to download the newest version from this website.

If you are not a registered customer, send me an email with the order confirmation attached and I’ll send you the newest version of the plugin.

If you don’t have a copy of the plugin, you can find more information on the Shop page.

5 thoughts on “TimeHide v1.2 – Free Upgrade

    • Hi Simon, according to the records, your order was originally a Guest order. I’ve moved it to your account so you should see it in your account panel. Cheers!

      • Hi Niklas, I think my order must have been a guest order as well because I didn’t even have an account. Just made one. Love this plugin btw 🙂

  1. merci!

    Hab noch ein Scriptwunsch: “Selektioniere von aktuellem Key bis ende Dokument alle Keys”

    ja, es gibt den “selektioniere Bereich…”, aber so ein Button wär einfacher vom Handling her. Und gehörte eigentlich fix eingebaut.

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