PV Render Queue 2

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Newest Version: v2.3

PV Render Queue is a free Cinema 4D Plugin by Niklas Rosenstein that allows you to queue render jobs and render them directly in the Picture Viewer using the external or Team Render.


Watch a Preview Video on Vimeo.com:

PV Render Queue 2 from Niklas Rosenstein on Vimeo.


  • Supports all render engines
  • View the render progress right in the Picture Viewer
  • Add single files or all from a folder
  • Job Folders
  • Team Render support
  • Python Scripting API
  • Render Object-Buffers quickly and easily (see video 5:56)
  • Takes Support (R17) (see video 4:08)

Download “PV Render Queue 2” pvrenderqueue-2.3.zip – Downloaded 1103 times – 313 KB

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v2.3 (2016/05/21)

  • Fix issue with pre-R17 versions of Cinema 4D embedding Python 2.6 which does not have collections.OrderedDict by adding nr.pvrq2.ordereddict.OrderedDict

2.2 (2016/05/21)

  • Add the current project to the queue with the new queue_current_project command from the Scripts menu
  • Queued render jobs are now saved persistently and restored once you open up Cinema 4D another time
  • Reset jobs to render them again (right-click menu)
  • API Changes
    • Add BaseNode.uuid, .ident, .disklevel, .serializable, .read() and .write()
    • Add nr.pvrq2.register_node_plugin()
    • Add TreeNode.iter_children(recursive=False) parameter

2.1 (2016/03/01)

  • Added HTML documentation to the plugin and hosted online here
  • Updated API documentation
  • Updated Links in the plugin’s “Help” menu and README


  • Initial 2.0 version with improved user interface, new functionality
    and scripting API

35 thoughts on “PV Render Queue 2

  1. This is great! Thanks so much for this plugin, it’s already saving me long hours in front of the render queue.

    I do have some feedback though: often (for some reason unknown to me) a render will hang, which means I have to shut C4D down and reopen in order to continue rendering. This means i have to go and manually add all the projects to the queue again.

    I think it would be really useful if the queue could persist between opening and closing c4d.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Dan! I’ll think about it when I get the time to do it!

      Do you think these freezes are triggered by the plugin? I haven’t experienced it with the plugin yet, but if you find a way to reproduce the problem, please let me know!

      • I don’t think the problem lies with your plugin (although I have experienced crashes if I try to load it on a new, unsaved scene). It’s more to do with the Octane render plugin I use. However, a persistent queue – or the ability to load and save queues – would be really, really useful.

        • Hey Dan! Good news, PV Render Queue 2.2 saves the queue so it won’t be lost when you close C4D (or it crashes). 🙂

  2. Looks like there’s an error with the takes.py script:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “‘pvrenderqueue2.pypv'”, line 194, in run_script
    File “C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R17_8DE13DAD\plugins\pvrenderqueue-2.3\scripts\takes.py”, line 84, in
    File “C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R17_8DE13DAD\plugins\pvrenderqueue-2.3\scripts\takes.py”, line 70, in main
    takes = take_data.GetTakeSelection(True)
    TypeError: GetTakeSelection() takes no arguments (1 given)

  3. Hey Niklas, does it work with cinema R13? How do I use the fix code on top of your page? What do I have to do exactly? Thanks for your answer 🙂

    • Hi Daniel, if I recall correctly it does not work with R13. But just give it a go, its free after all..

      There’s no code that you need to use to fix anything. 😉

    • Hi, it’s due to a bug introduced in R17.053 which has been carried over to R18. Nothing I can do about.
      (This was already discussed a few comments above btw.)

  4. Best Plugin for C4D ever! 😀

    Two more things to add and It’ll be perfect. Change queue order and possibility to change the C4D settings – for example I run first a file to bake the GI after that select the final animation setting and render again the same file (another setting)

  5. Hi Niklas, as I said befor this plugin is a must to have.
    Unfortunately take are not working after R17.053 update… there will be some hope that the problem will be resolved from Maxon side?
    I could send a mail to support team but perhaps you have already done this…

    • Maxon is aware of the issue. Unfortunately, I don’t think a fix will ever make it into R17. If it’s going to be fixed, it’s likely to hit the next R18 update.

  6. Hi Niklas, I wish to know if in the new R18 they have resolved the bug that not allow on R17.055 the takes script to work. thanks.

  7. When i start the queue a pop up appears sayng “another render is running, do you want to stop it?”
    maybe it depends if you choose picture viewer or corona vfb in corona setting options…

  8. Immensely helpful. My gratitude to those of you who take the time to put stuff together like this is limitless. It makes my life and my work tremendously easier — to offer it for free is charity much appreciated.

  9. Hi,

    I would love to download the updated PV Render Queue 2. I had the original plugin a couple years ago and it was fantastic.
    It seems that the links are broken, could you please email me a download link?

    I use c4d r18 with octane render, would it work for me?


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